Heart of Awareness

Heart of Awareness Buddhist Community and Practice Center

Ajijic, Jalisco

Chairs and cushions are provided.

We practice together in person on Wednesdays, from 4-5 pm, followed by a dharma talk (live or video) and discussion period.

These sessions are also offered on Zoom.  Click here to join the Zoom session.

Sunday practice sessions begin at 9:00 am.

All 60 minute silent practice periods follow the same format:

30 minutes sitting

15 minutes walking

15 minutes sitting

We begin each practice period by honoring the Three Refuges:

** I take refuge in the Buddha; awakened heart and mind. 
** I take refuge in the Dharma; the teachings and practices that lead to freedom from suffering.
** I take refuge in the Sangha; practicing with others inspired by the potential for freedom from suffering.

The bell is rung to end the practice period followed by a dedication of merit:

** I dedicate the merit of my practice to all beings; may each being experience freedom from suffering.