Heart of Awareness
Meditation Community

Wednesday Meditation, Dharma Education and Discussion

Buddah Teaching Dharma

The community's Wednesday gathering includes a brief reflection or presentation on the experience and application of Buddhist teachings in our lives, followed by a short discussion period. The center opens at 3:30 pm, welcoming arrival from 3:30-4:00 for those who wish to begin their practice early. A 45 minute silent meditation period begins at 4 pm.

Joseph Goldstein

Beginning in November, the Wednesday readings for contemplation will be drawn from “Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom” by Joseph Goldstein.

  • November   6:  What is the Path? Signposts
  • November 13:  What is the Path? Grace, or Help Along the Way
  • November 20:  What is the Path? The Role of a Teacher
  • November 27:  What is the Path? Roads to Fulfillment