Heart of Awareness Meditation Community

Online Meditation Opportunities

Online Meditation

While we are not sitting together at the meditation center, we are using “Zoom” to offer daily online practice sessions. These are simple opportunities to connect, sit “together” in silence and are open to all. The practice schedule appears on our Calendar and our weekly email.

CLICK HERE TO CONNECT TO ZOOM AND JOIN A SCHEDULED SESSION. If you have a Zoom account, sign in to zoom and indicate that you want to join Meeting ID: 551 391 768. For security reasons, you will need to enter a password to complete the sign-in dialog. To obtain password, use our Contact Form to request it. Once you have successfully joined one of our session, the sign-in credentials will be retained to make future connections with us easy.

Your microphone will automatically be muted when you join. Please leave it muted until the bell rings at the end of the practice period. The format of each session will be:

    We honor The Three Refuges.

        I take refuge in the Buddha; awakened heart and mind.
        I take refuge in the Dharma; the teachings and practices that lead to freedom from suffering.
        I take refuge in the Sangha; practicing with others inspired by the potential for freedom from suffering.

    The bell is rung to begin the practice.
    We are in silence for 45 minutes.
    The bell is rung.
    We end our practice with a dedication of merit.

        I dedicate the merit of my practice to all beings. May each being experience freedom from suffering.

Afterwards, there will be time for sharing our experiences in practice or in our daily lives. We will also continue to offer suggestions of ways to connect and practice with others through our website and by way of our email list. If you are not already receiving our emails, use our Contact Form to send us your email address and request to be added to the list.

We'll resume our regular schedule as soon as conditions allow. In the meantime, please take good care of your practice and your health.